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If your Offer is accepted, you will be contacted and

must submit payment promptly.
All Offers are assumed US Dollar Currency unless

otherwise noted and accepted by all parties.

Mxaxx© reserves the unrestricted right to accept

or reject any offers, in whole or in part and to

withdraw its offer and or participation at any time.

Mxaxx© reserves the right to accept or decline

(by not responding) or counter your offer.

Mxaxx© reserves the right to hold the offer

open for a maximum of 7 days to accept your offer,

even if they send you a counter-offer.

Buyer agrees to accept any and all additional and or unforeseen costs and or transfer fees that may be required to deliver the domain to your account.


Transfer fees may vary depending on the domain extension, agent and or unforseen.

Mxaxx© looks forward to working with you.
Thank You for your time and attention

Bin Pricing Takes

A Lot Of Badysitting

So No Domains Have Bin Prices


Prices and Demand change rapidly

Submitted Offers qualifies expectation

We all want a great deal..regardless what we are buying, we all want the best price.

Experience has shown us good customers know what they want and its value.

All offers are reviewed and if considered, you will receive a reply within 48 hours.

Mxaxx© utilizes Escrow© for any domain sale if requested by domain buyer.


Escrow© provides safeguarding to both buyer and seller ensuring safe transactions.

Lease and Payment Plans also available.

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